If you have not yet seen just how powerful Texas Muscle Activation therapies are, have a read of this incredible testimony:

I began seeing Jason Brown of Texas Muscle Activation in 2015 shortly after I qualified for the CrossFit Games. I needed to do anything and everything to keep up with the competition. I had never heard of muscle activation and soon I would realize that, it was a game changer.

In 2013, I suffered a devastating injury from a fall from a rope climb in a CrossFit competition and shattered my right ankle. My mobility in my ankle and right leg was very limited due to the injury. Jason assessed the situation and figured out that my right side was not actively firing due to the trauma to my ankle. In the weeks that ensued, Jason activated my muscles and worked on my ankle mobility. Additionally, incorporating the K-Laser treatments to my ankle, I have begun to see significant gains in weightlifting and CrossFit movements.

Moreover, Jason supplied me with an arsenal of exercises to activate my muscles before and even during a workout. His extensive knowledge and expertise of how the human body works is unprecedented. He has helped me accomplish goals I thought never possible after my injury.

At Texas Muscle Activation, they have a battery of treatments that assist in enabling athletes and non-athletes to be pain free without surgery.  Athletically, I would not be where I am today without the consistent help and support of Jason and the staff at Texas Muscle Activation.


Tara Blankenship

CrossFit Games Athlete 2015


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